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ABOUT cobra

How we started


Founded by a team of life long patients who are passionate about the benefits of cannabis. After searching for many years and failing to and a product that met our high standards, we decided that we needed to create something better. After a year of research and development our team, working with PhD Chemists, has developed a line of products that is unparalleled. 

Why Cobra?


We are committed to delivering a premium line of cannabis products that elevate our patients’ lives.  We are scientists and engineers at heart that are constantly looking to enhance products and processes. We have a passion for using the art of continuous improvement to stay at the cutting edge of the industry.


First Place Winner - Best Vape Cartridge - 2018 High Times Cannabis Cup


10/10  Perfect Score!

"... Cobra Extracts in the field of vape concentrates make this product a must buy product"

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Voted #3 of Top 10 

Vape Brands of 2018

by Cannabis Thrives


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"Overall Perfection!! 5.0 Stars!

These guys are at the top of the their game and only getting better!!!! Top quality Product and amazing people!!!!"  -Elbeben47

"Very Smooth and Tasty

Am presently enjoying their Northern Lights vape cartridge. Excellent affect and very smooth. Potent!"  -Miley Crimson

"Excellent oils!! That Bruce Banner got me feeling good! I do get a lot of them that leak but my supplier always lets me return for a new one so it’s no biggie. It’s worth it either way, the oils are just way to good . KEEP MAKING THE BRUCE BANNER!!"  -HDvaper

Featured Interview

with our Founder


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"If you are vaping, do it with Cobra Extracts Oil"

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Voted #4 of top 25 Vape Brands of 2019

by International High Life

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