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All our cannabis is sourced from family farmers and tested multiple times throughout the process to ensure that are patients receive the highest quality products that are free of microbes, toxins, pesticides,  glycerin, or butane.

Our robust scientifically validated process includes continuous testing to deliver elevated products that are free of solvents and additives.

Before we launched Cobra Extracts, we spent almost a year in research and development.  Working with experts in various scientific fields, including doctors, PhDs, and engineers we have innovated a cold extraction process that is unparalleled.


Our unique cold process allows us to delicately refine our cannabis oil.  This allows our products to maintain extremely high levels of terpenes.  Giving them a smooth taste and aroma that has a balanced essence of flavor and cannabinoids similar to its plant source.

We are scientists and engineers at heart that are constantly looking to enhance products and processes.  We have a passion for using the art of continuous improvement to stay at the cutting edge of the industry. 


We have built a team of collaborators that is at the forefront in the field of cannabis therapeutics.  We’ve years of hours on research and development, and will continue to drive innovations regularly.

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